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Thomond Bridge Toll Gate House, Limerick

The Toll Gate House at Thomond Bridge

Many of Limerick’s numerous bridges were paid for by tolls prior to 1900 and some of these houses still exist to the present day as is the case of the Thomond Bridge Toll Gate House.

The Toll Gate House at Thomond Bridge, just opposite King John’s Castle is a Gothic Style folly with exaggerated crenellations that were designed and built by the architect James Pain in and around 1836.

The design and construction of Thomond Bridge itself was also carried out by James and his brother George.

Architecturally the bridge is a sound piece of engineer. It is perfectly level and built on fourteen arches.

The bridges construction cost was a modest thirty pounds.

Thomond Bridge is adjacent to the Treaty Stone, the site and dedication of the Treaty of Limerick.

In July 2017 a WW1 grenade was found beneath the bridge. The area was closed off for a short period while the armies explosive ordinance unit removed it.


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