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A nice freshly made bowl of Colcannon ready to serve and enjoy - The Irish Place

Colcannon Recipe: Traditional Irish Fare at Its Very Best

As St. Patrick's Day approaches, people around the globe start thinking of cooking some traditional Irish fare as part of the celebrations. There are...
Homemade Corned Beef and Cabbage - The Irish Place

Corned Beef and Cabbage: Classic Irish Fare?

St Patrick's Day is synonymous with corned beef and cabbage, isn't it? Well, in fact the answer to this question rather depends on your...
The famous 'English Market' in Cork - The Irish Place

Foodie Heaven: English Market – Cork City

The English Market is located in the bustling, vibrant centre of Cork City. This fabulous roofed space has been a hub for those seeking the...
Black and White Pudding on sale in The English Market - The Irish Place

Black Pudding Part of Full Irish Breakfast Heralded as a ‘Superfood’

Fans of the Full Irish Breakfast will be delighted to learn that one of its key and most delicious ingredients, Black Pudding (or ‘blood...
National Potato Day - A Bowl of Floury Potatoes ready for serving - The Irish Place

National Potato Day – Bord Bia’s New Spud Initiatives

Ireland is famous for its love of food, and what better way is there to enjoy some home-grown produce than by tucking in on...
A Bowl of Potatoes - Potato Weight Loss - The Irish Place

Potato Weight Loss Secrets and Science – An Irish Diet

The potato weight loss diet is real, here are the secrets and the science. One man lost over 50 kg on a potato-only diet...