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Is Leigheas É An Ceol Ar An Anam Briste

'Music Heals a Broken Spirit' - Gaelic Proverb

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Hallowe'en Pumpkin

Ancient Hallowe’en customs in County Waterford

This Hallowe'en, in the tiny Irish-speaking area of County Waterford called An Rinn, a centuries-old tradition will be suspended for the first time ever...


The ruins of Medieval Seskinan Church at Knockboy - The Irish Place

The Ogham Stones in Seskinan Church and nearby Stone Row

The medieval Seskinan Church (Seskinan meaning 'little sedgy moor') in the ancient Sliabh gCua region of County Waterford has lain in ruins for centuries. This...


Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.

– Mark Twain

Irish Whiskey

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Irish Celtic Baby Names 2018 - The Irish Place

Most Popular Irish Baby Names 2018

With the release of the most popular Irish baby names for 2018 from Ireland's Central Statistics Office, Jack and Emily are yet again the...
Most Popular Irish Baby Names 2019 - The Irish Place

Most Popular Irish Baby Names 2019

Ireland's Central Statistics Office has released the most popular baby names in Ireland for 2019 and Jack and Emily are yet again the most...
Guidines for Visiting Ancient Sites Ireland - The Irish Place

Visiting Guidelines for Ireland’s Ancient Monuments and Ruins

Of the millions of tourists who visit Ireland annually, many will stick to the tried-and-tested popular sites and attractions. Tour operators and travel agents make...
A Lady Angler

Inland Fisheries Ireland invites women to ‘Try Fishing’

Inland Fisheries Ireland will be running a number of events as part of their 'Try Fishing' pilot programme to give women the opportunity and encourage...
Irish roads and driving in Ireland - The Irish Place

Driving in Ireland Tips and Essential Knowledge

We have written this comprehensive guide - 'Driving in Ireland Tips and Essential Knowledge' for foreign tourists, particularly those from the US that plan...
A selection of some common prescription medication

Traveller Health – Bringing Medication into Ireland

If you're planning a trip to Ireland and rely on prescription medication that you need to take regularly, then it goes without saying that...

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