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Hey there... I'm an architect and Irish musician based in Limerick. I love taking photos, old stuff, cups of tea and Micho Russell. You will often find me in the local pub playing fiddle or bodhrán joining in a small session... drinking tea and reading old Irish folklore stories... or out visiting the amazing megalithic sites in the land before time.
Guidines for Visiting Ancient Sites Ireland - The Irish Place

Visiting Guidelines for Ireland’s Ancient Monuments and Ruins

Of the millions of tourists who visit Ireland annually, many will stick to the tried-and-tested popular sites and attractions. Tour operators and travel agents make...
Dagda's Harp - The Irish Place

Dagda’s Harp and the Tuatha dé Danaan

Dagda’s Harp is a well known story in Irish legend of the renowned warrior named Dagda and his Magic Harp. He was the chieftain and...
The Dullahan searching for his next victim - The Irish Place

The Dullahan of Celtic Mythology

The Dullahan is also known as the mythological Headless Horseman and the embodiment of the Celtic God Crom Dubh. His is the story of a...
Salmon of Knowledge

The Celtic Salmon of Knowledge and Fionn

The Salmon of Knowledge that lived in the River Boyne is a legendary animal that comes from the Fenian Cycle of Irish mythology and...
The Irish Banshee - The Irish Place

The Irish Banshee and Her Lament

The Irish Banshee, also known as the Angel of Death, was known in celtic folklore as either an ancestral spirit or faery that appeared...
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