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Irish Coffee waiting to be served - The Irish Place

How to Make Irish Coffee – Classic Recipe and History

You can make Irish coffee fairly easily at home. It is the perfect after dinner drink to serve to party guests. The inaugural serving at Foynes...
Top Banks in Ireland - The Irish Place

Banks, ATM’s, Foreign Exchange and Credit Cards in Ireland

Planning a vacation and worried about the ATM fees in Ireland? Or whether or not you can use an American Express card to pay for...
One of the Arrivals areas at Dublin Airport - The Irish Place

Irish Tourism Figures Hit a New High

The Irish tourism industry has taken on board previous criticism and is experiencing a record breaking year as a result of recent changes in...
National Potato Day - A Bowl of Floury Potatoes ready for serving - The Irish Place

National Potato Day – Bord Bia’s New Spud Initiatives

Ireland is famous for its love of food, and what better way is there to enjoy some home-grown produce than by tucking in on...
One of the Ogham Stones in St. Declan's Cathedral, Ardmore - The Irish Place

Celtic Ogham Stones and Ogham Script

Celtic Ogham Stones are dotted across Ireland, they provide more of an insight in to our past as they bear the marks of ancient...
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