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Dervish in full flow at The Doolin Folk Festival 2016 - The Irish Place #doolinfest

Dervish – A Whirling Irish Success Story

Rightly described as an 'icon of British music' by BBC Radio 3, Dervish are a Traditional Irish Music band known for their mastery of...
The famous 'English Market' in Cork - The Irish Place

Foodie Heaven: English Market – Cork City

The English Market is located in the bustling, vibrant centre of Cork City. This fabulous roofed space has been a hub for those seeking the...
Anti-bodysnatching device still in place on grave - The Irish Place

A Matter Most Grave – Body Snatching in Ireland

The grisly history of the eighteenth and nineteenth-century Irish body snatchers and grave robbers makes for macabre reading. The awful body snatching trade can...
The Tara Brooch - The Irish Place

The Tara Brooch – Mysterious Treasure

The Tara Brooch is so much more than a stunning piece of Irish jewellery. Not only is it a fine example of a beautiful...
St Michan's Church, Dublin - The organ where Handel is reputed to have practised and revised his famous composition The Messiah in St Michan's Church - The Irish Place

St Michan’s Church Dublin: Church of Ages, Home of Mummies

St Michan's Church, Dublin has existed in one form or another for close to a thousand years, from where it has borne witness to...
Guided Tours in Ireland - A typical Irish touring coach - The Irish Place

Travel by Coach: Guided Tours in Ireland

It isn't possible to exaggerate the diversity of the Republic of Ireland. Dublin, one of Europe's most popular vacation destinations, is a bustling multicultural...
The last example of the Brennan Torpedo on display in The Royal Engineers Museum, Chatham, Kent - The Irish Place

Louis Brennan – Torpedo Man

Irish inventor Louis Brennan (1852-1932) was an engineer who is known best as the brains behind the first ever workable guided missile - a...
The Irish Proclamation of Independence - The Irish Place

The 1916 Easter Rising: The Seven Signatories of the Proclamation of Independence

The Easter Rising took place primarily in Dublin from the 24th April to the 30th April 1916. It was planned in secret by seven...
The Irish Proclamation of Independence - The Irish Place

The Meaning of the Proclamation of Independence

The Proclamation of Independence, as read out on the steps of the GPO by Padraig Pearse during the Easter Rising of 1916, is arguably...
The National Flag of Ireland - The Irish Place

Green, White, Orange: The National Flag of Ireland

The Tricolour, green, white and orange flag only gained its official status relatively recently. A Symbol of Ireland - The Green, White and Orange Flag On...
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