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The traditional Irish diet had an emphasis for most meals to consist of meat, cereals, bread and potatoes. Accompaniments of cabbage, turnips, carrots and broccoli were quite common where the meal is meat and potatoes. Until the late sixties and early seventies Irish Food did not have a good reputation, this, in spite of the fact, that Ireland produces meat, seafood and dairy produce that are without doubt the envy of the world. Overcooked meat and mushy vegetables were the norm. This all started to change in earnest during the latter part of the 20th century when pioneering Irish chefs started to produce what can only be said to be world class cuisine.

Irish Coffee waiting to be served - The Irish Place

How to Make Irish Coffee – Classic Recipe and History

You can make Irish coffee fairly easily at home. It is the perfect after dinner drink to serve to party guests. The inaugural serving at Foynes...
National Potato Day - A Bowl of Floury Potatoes ready for serving - The Irish Place

National Potato Day – Bord Bia’s New Spud Initiatives

Ireland is famous for its love of food, and what better way is there to enjoy some home-grown produce than by tucking in on...
One of the many defunct distilleries, Walkers of Thomondgate, Limerick - The Irish Place

A distilled History of Irish Whiskey

The History of Irish Whiskey is a long and intriguing one. From its humble beginnings several hundred years ago to the thriving industry that...
A Glass of Whiskey waiting to be enjoyed - The Irish Place

Irish Whiskey Granted Geographical Indication Status

New regulations have been implemented by Ireland's Agriculture Minister, Simon Coveney, in order to protect Irish whiskey produced in Ireland and to prevent those...
A Bowl of Potatoes - Potato Weight Loss - The Irish Place

Potato Weight Loss Secrets and Science – An Irish Diet

The potato weight loss diet is real, here are the secrets and the science. One man lost over 50 kg on a potato-only diet...
The Distillery Tower at Clashmore Distillery - The Irish Place

Irish Craft Whiskey Distillery Set to Open in Co. Waterford

The Blackwater Distillery is now joining the list of Irish whiskey distilleries with an exciting new craft whiskey project. Located in Cappoquin, they opened in January 2015,...